Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review: Bitten by R.L.Stine

Title- Bitten (Its actually two books in one. First one being Dangerous Girls and the second is The taste of Night)
Author- R.L. Stine
Publisher- Harper Teen
Source- School Library

So after two days of putting off reading this book, I finally took the time to read it today. I have to say, it didn't let me down. R.L. Stine has been one of my favorite childhood authors since I first discovered the goosebumps series so I anticipated that this would have at least one or two shocks in it but it had MANY. Enough to keep me reading and entertained and I even gasped in one of them. So now onto the review!

The main characters in Bitten are Destiny and Livvy Weller. They're twin sisters who stick together no matter what. Now, to me there really wasn't anything special or out of the ordinary for these characters. Destiny, is just a normal girl who's stuck in the situation of being a neophyte (Half vampire) and acts like any normal teenager would. Make it completely obvious she's a neophyte. I mean, the girl cant help herself. She risks her friends by hanging around them, NOT being cautious at all and practically sends signals to everyone that somethings up. I'm still surprised she didn't kill anyone by the end of the book. I admire her for that.

Now Livvy, is your normal jealous and self absorbed character. Not only does she hide a HUGE secret from her sister, she has her moments in the book where you really begin to lose sympathy for her. I mean, she goes after Ross, who she knows Destiny LOVES. Now, perhaps it's my lack of sleep that's talking but I guess she really wasn't THAT bad. Other than her getting jealous because a man whore (Ross) is doing what a man whore does. Whore himself around. Not to mention what she does to the poor girl.

Renz, the vampire who's desperately trying to seek for his lost love, Laura. At first, I felt sorry for him. He lost his love, Laura, and 200 years late he finds TWO girls who look similar if not exactly like her. But once you begin to see how mentally and emotionally messed up he is (he even begins to call Destiny 'Laura', not acknowledging that she's a different person) you begin to see that he's not a poor fool in love. He's a crazy vampire with an obsession. He's only in 'Dangerous Girls' which is the first part of the book. (And good riddance too)

Plot- The story is basically twins struggle of being a half vampire or neophyte and how they desperately try to search for a cure before they go crazy and lose their humanity. They face challenges such as the hunger for blood, vampire hunters and they have to make rash decisions as everyone begins to close in on them. Destiny struggles to keep the family together while all this happens. I like the plot, it's short yet entertaining and it kept me reading with the twists and turns that the story began to develop.

Overall decision-
So there were some things I didn't enjoy such as the style of writing. R.L. Stine tends to describe things a little too much for my taste but it's nothing unbearable. I didn't expect the ending of Dangerous girls at all but I liked it. The second part of Bitten wasn't as good as Dangerous girls, I pretty much knew what would happen before it even happened. But it was a good read, a good time filler I guess.

It's not the best vampire book i've read nor the worst. I recommend it to anyone looking for something to read to pass time.


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