Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: The Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder

Title- The Lipstick Laws
Author- Amy Holder
Publisher- Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
At First Glance - My opinion before reading the book based on the synopsis, reviews I have read and cover attraction.

So first of let me say, when I got this book I was FREAKING OUT. I mean, my first ARC to review! How great was that?! Ok. Nerd moment over. Let's Begin

Plot- So as I stated in my 'At first Glance' post, this book is pretty much a common plot in most books i've read. In this book you see a lot of the issues that one faces in high school. Such as High School bullying, Teenage crushes and Self esteem issues. Of course, April is one of the 'low self esteem' types to the point where she ridiculously stuff her bra with tissues and refers to her breasts as 'sesame seeds'.

April, now in her sophomore year, she's alone and friendless and nobody knows who the hell she is. By random luck (or bad luck) she gets mixed in with the Queen Bee, Brittney Taylor and soon enough she gains instant popularity. After finding out that every one who Brittney deems worthy has to swear by the 'Lipstick Laws' she begins to see what shes gotten herself into as well as the consequences.April soon comes to realize the price that popularity comes with and is faced with choosing between popularity or what she believes is right. 

The plot, isn't really that great or unique. I felt like I could predict what would happen after every chapter but it's a refreshing read. The book definitely gave me some laughs but other than that nothing. It pretty much is what it claims and seems to be. But April's Hilarious comments on everything going around her seemed to make it easier to read and enjoyable. Hell, I had a few laughs in the book too.

Characters- What I really liked about this book and that stood out  was that I actually LIKED the main character, April Bowers. Every other book that I have read that deals with this usually has the main character make STUPID choices. April Bowers in this case, doesn't really do this. Not only does she struggle with popularity she makes rational decisions. She's a strong female character who isn't let down by the brutality of Brittney and is shown as a smart girl who can think for herself and in this book, she really does apply her brains in the end. 

The Antagonist, Brittney Taylor, is a typical Queen bee. She has her moments where you just want to think to yourself 'What the hell is up with this chick?'. Not too bright, not too dumb. Could have been better.

What I liked- The main character, April. I also liked the way Amy Holder applies the whole 'What price does popularity come with' in this book referred to as the 'Lipstick Laws' (If you haven't figured that out yet by the cover) Another thing I realized that was different for this book is that it doesn't really focus on Teen crushes. April has a crush on Matt and while she does have her oogly googly moments she stays true to her mission and that is to make Brittney pay.

What I didn't Like- Well other than the over used theme I felt like the characters could have had a little more depth to them instead of being 'cliche' and predictable. April had enough personality to keep me interested but sometimes you need more. 

In the end
So overall, it was a good read. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to have a break from all the vampires, werewolves and warlocks. It's a refreshing read and I would recommend this book to my friends once it's out. 


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