Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday giveaways search!

So first, on the matter of the book. I haven't been able to read it due to, well, life. But am planning to finish it by today and post a review first thing tomorrow morning! Promise!

So, what have I found today? Two giveaways!

The first is a 'Second hand Saturday book giveaway hosted by Reading teen and the idea is for every Saturday they basically hold a contest where you have to answer a question (and follow them) in order to win a free book! If interested go here to see for the official rules as well as other participating blogs that do this as well.
Such as this one hosted by a tale of many reviews and Kelsey sutton's blog. They  all have an awesome set to pick from if you win!

Thats right! This contest is held by The Story Siren and basically you just have to fill out her forms to win all FIVE books! Click here to check the official rules and to apply for the contest.

So remember to apply and good luck! Remember to follow my bog as well. Or else i'll EAT an unborn baby.
*is a vegetarian* 


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